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June 23, 2019 @ 10:33 am

Tips To Stay Confident When Unemployed (Spotify Version)- Anthony Hines Job Search And Career Help Now

Staying confident is very tough when you are unemployed. This podcast is filled with tips to help you during that very challenging period to stay on your game. This version allows Spotify listeners to hear my tips and tools  in their own compatible version. Hey I don't want anyone to miss what I have to say. 

Who Am I….I am a hardworking guy who, like many others, found himself out of work during the economic downturn in 2010. After a long battle of wrong turns, job search strategies that led to nowhere, and dead end leads, I decided to take a more strategic approach to my job search.  Like anything else in life, I needed to treat my search like a full-time job and create a plan that would allow me to stand out above the competition.  This came in especially handy as I was in transition again in 2017.  Basically, I just used the tips that I have shared with others and was out of work a total of ZERO days. Yes, I got a job offer the day after my last day at my previous job. Let me show you how I did it so you too can have a quicker landing than you would have had without my tips.

Why Am I Sharing What Helped Me…because I quickly realized that to handle an event like that is to focus on what you can control and share the experience to help others. I believe that an experience not shared is a lost opportunity in life, and that smart people learn from their mistakes and smarter people learn from other people’s experiences. Plus, I told myself that once I figured this out I would share it with others so that they too could navigate the world of unemployment. In these chapters, I show you how I did it so that you will have the confidence to make it through the process.

Why Is My Career Advice Useful...because I have had a long career and want to share the experience that I have gotten with as many people as possible in order to help others. I have worked for some fantastic managers as well as some not so fantastic so I have had to navigate many different mindsets, priorities and office politics to succeed. I give you completely unfiltered advice that is not from any book, course or college education. It is advice based on someone that has lived it and most importantly, it is from the heart and real.

Finally, I wanted to say that I really hope that you decide to subscribe and get access to all of my many podcasts as the information provided is unique and invaluable. Believe me, you won’t get this type of basic and useful advice anywhere. Come join today and see for yourself. 

Glad to help.



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